Fancy seeing you here.

Chances are, you’re here because you’re already familiar with my nonsense in one form or another, so lets keep it simple.

Hey, hi, I’m Geminel, and I’m a long-time nerd that has always treated art and writing as a light side hobby, but I haven’t been particularly active in regards to those last two for… Nearly two decades.

While I’ve drawn a decent chunk of Inktober doodles over the past few years, that’s really been the majority of what I’ve drawn as of late, though perhaps I’ll work on changing that fact.

Similarly, while I had done a lot of little bits of creative writing, even starting a novel back in high school, I’ve only fairly recently begun posting my wordvomit on teh internetz, and chances are that’s why you’re even here.

My primary work, which is an absolute meme of a an eloquently arranged psychology-laced shitpost of satire is ‘I’d Like to Change My Reincarnation Subscription, Please’ which can be read (for free!) at either Royal Road (which actually lets me have glorious bold and italics) or the original site, Webnovel.

If you are a fan of; semi-realistic superpower settings, dark comedy, snarky systems, existing entertainment media such as ‘The Boys’, ‘Invincible’, ‘One Punch Man’, ‘Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World’, ‘Hazbin Hotel’, the ‘Disgaea’ franchise, and so on, then perhaps you’d like to give it a shot:

Re:Sub began as a Writing Prompt Challenge on its parent site, Webnovel, the precise WPC being #166: ML – Superhuman with system. I was in the process of outlining and planning a different novel entirely, but when I looked at the WPC and its suggestions, it just… Got stuck in my brain. That very day I started writing and posting, and have not stopped since. (As of 7/7/21 I’m at 106 days of continuous writing, mwahaha.)

As it was my first time writing a web novel, on top of being my first time publicly sharing a work, it was certainly a learning process from step one. Even so, it had won a bronze award from that challenge, it just happened to take a rather long time for the results to be announced.

Thanks to writing/posting immediately, combined with insisting on writing a chapter a day (this stubbornness has made me further hate myself no few times) there are admittedly some flaws, largely the fact that some chapters ended up a bit short and/or that it fell a bit more heavily into Slice of Life than I had initially intended. Were I to do a deep edit in order to arrange for, say, a light novel version, some substantial changes would be made to the size and quantity of chapters for sure. Lots of SoL scenes would be trimmed and or smushed into being the same chapter, and so on, though honestly the actual bones of the story would remain largely untouched.

That being said, considering I’ve been ‘pantsing’ it on a daily basis without a formally written detailed outline, I’m rather pleased with the results thus far, and the fandom I have so far seems to agree. Between my obsessive level of attention to detail and what outlining I have constructed in my head, it has thus far been internally consistent, and to a far higher degree than… Well… A damn lot of other works out there.

I’d like to continue sharing the novel in its entirety for free. Ideally, its up to 5 or so volumes worth of content as well. However, capitalism insists I need money to pay my bills. As such, I’ve fired up a patreon, and hopefully enough generous individuals will be compelled to offer enough that I can justify continuing to write with such regularity without needing to resort to locked-chapter-gatekeeping. Or, even worse, a normal job.

For any such altruistic individuals:

In the future, I’m sure I’ll slowly flesh this site out with actual content. However, in the meantime, lets just begin with a nice and neat little place to have a collection of relevant links. Peace, and go team Gem!

  • Discord server that myself and a few other authors collectively run, though I’ve taken over the majority of it, and spend an awful lot of time in it:

  • My Discord username if you wish to DM me rather than socialize in the server: Geminel#1890

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Author of 'I'd Like to Change My Reincarnation Subscription, Please'

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