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For some of Geminel’s prompt-based flash fiction, check out Short Story Prompts and Entries

To go directly to Geminel’s ongoing webnovel, ‘I’d Like to Change My Reincarnation Subscription, Please,’ visit their Patreon or one of the following links:

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As well as NovelStar and MyFavReads (app only)

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Latest from Gem:

Writing a Webnovel Synopsis

When writing a webnovel, your work doesn’t stop with only writing the story itself. You are responsible for some–if not all–of the marketing elements required to attract readers, most notably the title, cover, and synopsis. 

Effective, Free Ways to Improve Your Webnovel’s Reader Count

Regardless of whether your story is a casual hobby or something a bit more serious, you obviously want people to read your work; otherwise, why would you bother posting it online? And so, a common question that writers at every level of experience as is; how can I get more views?

Site Updates

First up; while, admittedly, my chapter publishing rate has been very slow; all of volume 1 of ‘I’d Like to Change My Reincarnation Subscription, Please’ is complete! It’s fully free-passable on WN, with 2 or 5 chapter privilege access available for volume 2. The other platforms linked on the main page of this site have…

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